Our Purpose

We help people to become their optimal selves. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to growing and sustaining our surrounding community, partners and team to make a positive impact in the environment and to contribute to a sustainable future.

Whether you are an adult professional, a youth trying to make it through the adolescent years, a team, an organization or an adventure seeker, we have cutting edge programs and products to help you get to where you want to be in life. Our programs are informed by our own life experience as well as the Progression of our company which began as CMRCA facilitating adventure and development of recreation for nearly 20 years. We are experts in climbing, caving and recreation. We have all the equipment you need to overcome the challenges in front of you. 

We use the tools we teach in environments where risk is high and failure is not an option. We recognize that profound behavioral change requires personal commitment as well as the support of those around us. Whether climbing new mountains, exploring the underground world of virgin cave passage or creating markets where they have never existed before, we understand that true growth and development comes from a steady progression and a commitment to staying focused on the end goal. By focusing on the moment, we are able to see the possibilities ahead. Learning to master those tools and face challenges head on enable us to have success in both business and adventure.

Core Values

Our core values are what define us.  They represent the way our company operates.  When we make decisions, our core values ensure that those decisions are true to our beliefs and our vision:

Our People Are Our Family

Strive for Quality in Safety, Standards and Service

Work As a Team

Practice Sustainability

Commit to Community

Live Adventure

Seek Growth and Development

LOVE What We Do

Take Responsibility

Embrace Thai Culture

Looking Ahead To The Future
CMRCA is currently in the process of re-branding the company under the name The Progression Group (theprogressiongroup.com).  The Progression Group envisions a world in which development of outdoor recreation resources  is used as a tool to fuel sustainable development of rural economies while protecting the environment. Our mission is to inspire this global awareness through adventure, leadership and authentic inter-cultural experience.  Our core values provide the road map for how we behave and implement our strategy.  The Progression Group has four key brands that help us work toward our vision. These brands are still under development:

Adventure Programs - www.thailandclimbing.com
Features Indoor climbing (
Progression Vertical Climbing Gym), outdoor rock climbing, caving, and technical outdoor guiding and training services.

Experiential Education - www.progressionadventures.com
Programs for youth focus on personal development through adventure, leadership and intercultural experience.  

Corporate Programs - www.progression-leadership.com 
Provides leadership training and development opportunities to multi-national businesses, Thai companies, and community organisations focused on developing their people.

Progression Equipmentwww.progressionequipment.com www.shopprogression.com
Distribution of outdoor products that are focused on providing quality technical, outdoor and adventure equipment to meet the needs of adventurers throughout Thailand.  Our vision is to make an outdoor, active, healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone. We represent and distribute some of the most respected outdoor brands around the world including Black Diamond, Sterling Rope, Klean Kanteen and Mad Rock Climbing throughout Thailand and South East Asia.

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